About Us

Radioactive and hazardous waste disposal is complex. It requires the highest standards of safety and compliance and diligent management to minimise impact to the environment. Eckert & Ziegler Environmental Services provide you with peace of mind by taking bearing the risk of regulatory non-compliance for your radioactive waste management.

We are one of the UK’s most respected radioactive waste management companies, with an exemplary safety record and almost 30 years’ experience of recycling, reusing or disposing of radioactive materials.

We are a founder member and co-owner of Radsafe, the UK’s premier mutual-aid association whose members collaborate and share knowledge and experience. This is used to define and manage initial emergency response procedures for incidents that may occur during the transport of radiological materials.

Our team’s experience is drawn from the manufacturing of radioactive sources, health physics, the nuclear industry and radioactive material handling, transport, and disposal / recycling.

It was a pleasure to liaise with such a professional & knowledgeable team who worked so well together. They excelled in all stages of the work from the initial planning to implementation to cleaning up after themselves.
Radiation Protection Supervisor
How We Work

Comprehensive Radioactive Waste Management

All materials are packaged, consigned and transported by our highly qualified technicians. We use an extensive range of certified and approved transport packages and offer repatriation to country of origin or return to manufacturer of radioactive sources from around the world.

We are a licensed upper-tier waste carrier, broker and dealer in the UK and Northern Ireland. We are licenced and registered by the EPA in the Republic of Ireland for work with radioactive materials and the carriage of both HASS and non-HASS radioactive sources.

Our fully permitted facilities are used for the receipt and storage of radioactive materials and our complete service provides valued reassurance by transferring the risk of regulatory non-compliance to Eckert & Ziegler Environmental Services.