Radioactive Waste Disposal & Recycling

The team at Eckert & Ziegler have extensive experience in radioactive waste disposal and recycling, with an exemplary safety record and almost 30 years’ experience of recycling, reusing or disposing of radioactive materials.

Our in-depth understanding of the relevant regulations and the receipt facility requirements enables us to help customers make informed decisions on the most appropriate route to achieve full compliance with regulatory requirements.

Rising to the radioactive waste recycling challenge in the UK

The waste hierarchy promotes reuse and recycling over disposal, but companies find it difficult to comply with this when there are no readily available recycling routes. It is vital to work with partners who understand the regulations as well as your needs.

The UK has no recycling routes for radioactive materials. Eckert & Ziegler has its own facilities in Germany, the Czech Republic and the USA, as well as other international partnerships. These company-owned facilities provide proven recycling routes for a wide range of materials and demonstrate good environmental practice to both our customers and to regulators.

Eckert & Ziegler Environmental Services (EZE) is one of the UK’s most respected radioactive waste disposal companies. Our team has extensive experience in the disposal and recycling of sealed radioactive sources and disposal of low and intermediate level radioactive wastes.

Case Study: Recycling of 142TBq Cobalt 60 Research Irradiator

This research Irradiator, over 60 years old, had a malfunctioning shutter mechanism which rendered the unit unusable, and without modifications to the shielding it could not be unloaded or transported safely.

EZE designed and manufactured alternative shielding and replaced the defective parts using remote techniques, enabling the unit to be safely removed and shipped for dismantling and recycling. The work was undertaken at times that did not interfere with the client’s operations and running of the site, to time and cost and without incident. 

The team from E&Z were professional in all aspects of the job, they knew exactly what to do and made sure everything was done safely and securely.  Everything was left exactly or better than when handed over.  No question was too much trouble.  Very professional and a pleasure to work with.
Head of Logistics
It was a pleasure to liaise with such a professional & knowledgeable team who worked so well together. They excelled in all stages of the work from the initial planning to implementation to cleaning up after themselves.
Radiation Protection Supervisor