Tritium Disposal & Recycling

Tritium is widely used in both the defence and industry sectors for a variety of applications. It is most often contained in Gaseous Tritium Light Sources (GTLSs / Betalights) which are usually installed into equipment or devices, such as exit signs, military equipment, clocks and watches.

Even when stored properly, Tritium can diffuse from GTLSs. It is preferable to avoid long-term storage in order to minimise the potential for contamination. However, as there is currently no commercially available recycling route for Tritium in the UK, companies often stockpile it, creating regulatory, safety and financial risks.

Eckert & Ziegler Environmental Services has access to well-established Tritium recycling facilities where recovery rates are consistently as high as 80%. Our experts have in-depth knowledge of the national and international regulations governing the recycling of Tritium and are ideally placed to assist you in fulfilling your Duty of Care.

You can be confident that your Tritium recycling will be managed quickly, safely and cost-effectively and in full compliance with all applicable regulations.