Uranium & Thorium Disposal & Recycling

Compounds of Uranium and Thorium have been widely used in industry and research for over fifty years, mainly in education, as pre-treatment agents, in electron microscopy and in-vitro tracer studies. Recently, however, regulatory guidance has changed to encourage the removal of these compounds from schools, colleges and universities.

Disposing of these compounds to landfill is not an environmentally friendly solution. Recycling would clearly provide a more desirable solution but there are currently no commercially available recycling routes in the UK for Uranium and Thorium compounds.

Eckert & Ziegler Environmental Services recognised the problem and has undertaken extensive research to identify an environmentally friendly and sustainable solution. We are now able to offer a regulatory compliant recycling service, by establishing an exclusive agreement allowing us to recycle proprietary Uranium and Thorium compounds from the UK, Ireland and mainland Europe.

Organisations attempting to dispose of Uranium and Thorium compounds responsibly, by seeking a recycling route, can now turn to Eckert & Ziegler Environmental Services.

Our highly experienced team can advise and assist you by assessing your needs and preparing your materials for recycling. As we also provide comprehensive packaging, consignment and transport services, you can be assured that your Duty of Care has been fulfilled.