Radioactive Waste Packaging, Consigning & Transport

Radioactive waste transport, consigning and packaging is subject to stringent requirements. Compliance with the legislative and regulatory requirements is ultimately the responsibility of the consignor.

Looking for stand-alone transport of radioactive materials? See our Class 7 Dangerous Goods Transport & Logistics page.

By using our comprehensive radioactive waste transport service, we take on the Duty of Care under the relevant regulations as the legal consignor, removing the burden from our customers and providing valued reassurance by transferring the risk of regulatory non-compliance to Eckert & Ziegler Environmental Services (EZE).

On-site operations are carried out by our own experienced technicians. Our Project Managers and technical staff are qualified Radiation Protection Supervisors and are fully trained and competent to package and transport all forms of radioactive materials by road, sea and air.

Eckert & Ziegler Environmental Services handle all aspects of packaging, consignment and transport including de-sourcing (as applicable), packing, consignment and transport. 

We provide all applicable documentation, approved transport packages and carry out re-assurance monitoring of the storage area following removal of the inventory.

After conformity checks at our facility, we provide a Takeover Certificate, as part of our Integrated Management System, to allow demonstration of the safe disposal of the radioactive liability.