Depleted Uranium Disposal & Recycling

Depleted Uranium is used in many industries and applications such as civil engineering equipment and collimators for linear accelerators.

Since Depleted Uranium is denser than lead, it also used as shielding for radioactive sources and some transport containers. This presents the users with a secondary waste problem; even when the original sources have been disposed of, the liability of the Depleted Uranium remains.

In other applications, Depleted Uranium has become redundant as technology has advanced. For many organisations, this creates an unwanted liability and an ongoing regulatory, financial and administrative burden.

In the current climate of heightened security, regulatory pressure to avoid stockpiling of radioactive material has been frustrated by the lack of a suitable UK recycling route. Eckert & Ziegler Environmental Services (EZE) can provide a solution as we have access to two well established recycling facilities.

These two routes offer flexibility of disposal as one of the facilities can recycle the Depleted Uranium even when clad in a variety of metals. The recycled product can be used for a variety of applications, excluding military use. Our recycling routes operate in compliance with UK best practice and meet all Environment Agency requirements as well as EZE’s own stringent operating standards.

Our experienced team have a comprehensive understanding of the national and international regulations governing the recycling of Depleted Uranium. They are ideally placed to advise and assist you in fulfilling your Duty of Care.