Depleted Uranium Disposal & Recycling

Work directly with our specialists to achieve environmentally friendly disposal of Depleted Uranium, in compliance with all applicable national and international regulations.

Organisations are under regulatory pressure to avoid stockpiling radioactive material. And yet they are also faced with the fact there there are currently no Depleted Uranium disposal/recycling facilities in the UK. Eckert & Ziegler Environmental Services (EZE) can help.

  • We have access to two well established recycling facilities for Depleted Uranium. One of the facilities can recycle the Depleted Uranium even when clad in a variety of metals.
  • We bring over 20 years’ expertise carrying out safe, compliant removal of Depleted Uranium.
  • All operations are undertaken by our own trained and experienced staff at all times ensuring our high standards of safety and quality are maintained whilst providing a safe, compliant and cost-effective solution.
  • Our recycling routes operate in compliance with UK best practice and meet all Environment Agency requirements as well as EZE’s own stringent operating standards.
It was a pleasure to liaise with such a professional & knowledgeable team who worked so well together. They excelled in all stages of the work from the initial planning to implementation to cleaning up after themselves.
Radiation Protection Supervisor

Organisations across the world value our service. Here’s why.

  • We are the leading radioactive waste management specialists in the UK. By cutting out the middle man, you benefit directly from our professional expertise, personal service and competitive pricing.
  • We have access to all the radioactive source disposal facilities in England that accept radioactive materials from commercial operators as well as our own recycling facilities in Germany and the Czech Republic.
  • We provide flexible nationwide collections using our own in-house staff and our own registered collection vehicles.
  • We often combine radioactive source collections, where time is not critical, allowing us to offer a better value disposal or recycling service.
  • We take on the risk of transporting and disposing of your radioactive material in the most cost effective and environmentally considerate way.
  • Our disposal services are provided to organisations across the UK & worldwide, in a broad range of industries including education, healthcare, oil & gas, nuclear, military and R&D.

Depleted Uranium Recycling & DISPOSAL

How It Works

Depleted Uranium is used in many industries and applications such as civil engineering equipment and collimators for linear accelerators.

Since Depleted Uranium is denser than lead, it also used as shielding for radioactive sources and some transport containers. This presents users with a secondary waste problem; even when the original sources have been disposed of, the liability of the Depleted Uranium remains.

In other applications, Depleted Uranium has become redundant as technology has advanced. For many organisations, this creates an unwanted liability and an ongoing regulatory, financial and administrative burden.

With over 20 years’ expertise in carrying out safe, compliant removal of Depleted Uranium, our team have a well-deserved reputation for supporting clients through the regulatory and logistical challenges of radioactive waste disposal.