Irradiator Disposal & Recycling

Work directly with our specialists to achieve safe, compliant and minimally disruptive irradiator disposal, in compliance with all applicable national and international regulations.

Hospitals and research organisations face significant financial and operational barriers when tasked with the disposal of cell or blood irradiator units. Our radioactive disposal experts work closely with clients in planning, project managing and successfully implementing safe, compliant irradiator removal with minimal disruption on the ground.

  • We bring over 20 years’ expertise carrying out safe, compliant removal of a variety of irradiators.
  • We have our own extensive range of approved Type B radioactive transport packages required for the safe transfer of the shielded irradiator source(s). 
  • We have our own purpose-built recycling facility in Germany, where Cs-137 and Co-60 irradiators are decommissioned, with the sources being removed in the facility hot cells for recycling or re-use.
  • All operations are undertaken by our own trained and experienced staff at all times ensuring our high standards of safety and quality are maintained whilst providing a safe, compliant and cost-effective solution.
  • We ensure the service we offer is in line with the European Union waste framework directive by favouring recycling over disposal. This is in line with UK Environment Agency Best Available Techniques (BAT) strategy and is fully compliant with all domestic and international regulations.

Organisations across the world value our service. Here’s why.

  • We are the leading radioactive waste management specialists in the UK. By cutting out the middle man, you benefit directly from our professional expertise, personal service and competitive pricing.
  • We have access to all the radioactive source disposal facilities in England that accept radioactive materials from commercial operators as well as our own recycling facilities in Germany and the Czech Republic.
  • We provide flexible nationwide collections using our own in-house staff and our own registered collection vehicles.
  • We often combine radioactive source collections, where time is not critical, allowing us to offer a better value disposal or recycling service.
  • We take on the risk of transporting and disposing of your radioactive material in the most cost effective and environmentally considerate way.
  • Our disposal services are provided to organisations across the UK & worldwide, in a broad range of industries including education, healthcare, oil & gas, nuclear, military and R&D.

IRRADIATOR Disposal & Recycling

How It Works

Initial Consultancy, Site Survey & Planning

After an initial consultation to establish top level project requirements, a full site survey is carried out. This allows us to establish the irradiator location and plan out potential methodologies and routes for removal. We also discuss how we will minimise impact on users and ensure the removal takes place in the most efficient manner.

Because irradiators are classified as high consequence dangerous goods, safety and security are our primary considerations. We will create, implement and comply with required security plans and where appropriate coordinate with the police, Counter-Terrorism, the Environment Agency and any other interested regulators and stakeholders.

Source Removal

Our qualified technicians remove the shielded housing from the irradiator, with the source(s) contained securely inside.

The shielded source is transferred into an approved Type B transport package, owned by Eckert & Ziegler Environmental Services (EZE), and transported by our technicians directly to our secure facility.

This is As Low as Reasonably Practicable (ALARP) with regards to protection of persons and the environment from the effects of ionising radiation.

Performing the removal in this way also means there is minimal disruption to the work of our customers whilst the responsibility for safe custody and compliant transport is transferred to EZE at the point where the source is removed from site.

Transfer For Recycling/Disposal

The source(s) are transferred to EZE’s purpose-built facility in Europe where Cs-137 and Co-60 irradiators are decommissioned. The sources are removed in the facility hot cells for recycling or re-use.

Where sources cannot be recycled or re-used, they are transferred back to the country of origin for interim storage, pending final disposal, in accordance with internationally recognised arrangements.