Radiological Surveys

For decades, radioactive materials have been extensively used in a wide range of industrial, defence, educational and medical applications. However, radiological surveys and record-keeping were not always as comprehensive as regulations now demand and many organisations find that they have incomplete information about the inventory they currently hold.

Given their responsibilities for safe storage, handling and disposal of these materials this presents a major concern for organisations who need to understand the extent of their liabilities.

Fortunately, help is at hand. Eckert & Ziegler Environmental Services carries out radiological surveys to identify these liabilities safely, quickly and cost-effectively, working closely with customers to minimise disruption and maximise efficiency.

Our technical experts are experienced in applying their unique blend of skills and experience to help customers accurately characterise, quantify and manage their legacy wastes.

We have a large suite of proprietary instruments for measuring contamination and radiation as well as more specialist instruments including in situ and portable liquid scintillation counters and portable high-resolution gamma spectrometers.

We can characterise legacy sources and wastes and also identify safe and cost-effective recycling or disposal solutions.

Additionally, we offer radiological surveys of laboratories and buildings, either using our own qualified and experienced technical staff or in partnership with other qualified radiation professionals. Our team will work closely with you to determine the kind of survey you require and deliver this on-site with the minimum disruption to your usual business.