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Our expertise in the transport of radioactive materials, in accordance with all applicable national and international regulations, allows us to offer bespoke transport solutions in the UK, Ireland and across the world in addition to our normal transport operations during source removals.

We are a full member of RADSAFE, a private company limited by guarantee that offers mutual assistance in the event of a transport accident involving radioactive materials belonging to a RADSAFE member.

Transport operations in the UK and Ireland are performed by our highly trained technical staff using our own fleet of vehicles from 3.5 panel vans to 10 tonne curtain siders. Alternatively, we use approved, qualified partners for transport operations overseas.

We have an extensive range of approved transport packages including Excepted, IP-1, IP-2, IP-3, Type A and Type B(U).  We have professional competence in accordance with all relevant regulations: ADR, CDG, IMDG, IATA, CFR49, CPC.